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Episode 06 - Now It's A Party

Do you ever think about why you vote for a particular political party? Maybe you’re a Democrat because you really love the way that James K. Polk got us Texas, California, and Oregon in the 1840’s, despite the objections of Abraham Lincoln. Maybe you’re a Republican because you think Abraham Lincoln was right to oppose the deal, even if it means we don’t get to keep Oregon. Sorry, Oregon. You might be a Republican because your great-grandpappy has been one since that time William Howard Taft got stuck in the White House bathtub in 1911. You might be a Democrat because your grandma swooned over that dreamy John F. Kennedy when he nearly ran for Vice President in 1956. Maybe you want to vote for a party that says they’ll do something about climate change, healthcare, student loan debt, and get you a discount on an electric car or solar panels. Maybe you want to vote for a party that says they’ll do something about abortion rates, tax rates, immigration, and get you a discount on your ann

Episode 05 - If It's For Sale Let's Buy It

The dogs and I are starting a GoFundMe campaign to raise five billion dollars. We have a pretty big purchase in mind.   We’re going to buy the Congress of the United States.   Get your credit cards out and start making your legislative wish lists, as the dogs and I plan to purchase one of America’s three branches of government on this episode of I’m Not Allowed To Watch The News.

Episode 04 - All Or Nothing

Our political leaders always give us choices when it comes to solving the nation's problems.  Two of them: All or nothing.  Mass shooting? What we need are more guns. Or none. Too many abortions? Ban them. Or put no restrictions on them. Cop killing? We need more police. Or less. Healthcare too expensive? The government should pay for all of it. Or none of it. Gas prices too high? Drill for oil everywhere. Or quit using fossil fuels.  When your only choices are all or nothing, there's a good chance you'll get nothing.  The dogs and I dig into why these are the only answers we're ever given, and why the solutions to America's problems are so diametrically opposed on this episode of I'm Not Allowed To Watch The News. 

Episode 03 - Sick Of It

Is the American healthcare system scarier than Bigfoot? What is the cash price for an MRI? Healthcare is tremendously expensive, and America never has figured out a good way to pay for it so that every citizen has access to decent medical care.  The dogs (who are way more scared of Bigfoot) and I dig into the problem, and see if there's a cure on this episode of I'm Not Allowed To Watch The News.   

Episode 02 - I'm Just Not Enough

No one is writing laws for me.  I'm not rich enough for one party or poor enough for another. I'm not old enough or young enough or sick enough or healthy enough for either major political party to take any interest in my problems. They'll make sure I can have a gun or an electric car, but my real priorities, like effective and affordable healthcare or the conquest of Belgium are always somehow out of the question.   They will, however, take my tax money.  The dogs and I try to figure out exactly what we're good for on this episode of I'm Not Allowed To Watch The News. 

Episode 01 - How Does This End?

How does this end? It's a strange question for the first episode, but hang in there. My story gets better.  The political system of the United States of America in the 21 st century is a lot like Thanksgiving Day at my mother's house--dysfunctional, expensive, and makes you a little nauseous. It will end, but it’s not going to end well. The dogs and I get into politics and the history of empires, on the first ever episode of I'm Not Allowed To Watch The News.