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When not plotting the outright purchase of one of the three branches of government or tinkering with the laws we've had since day one like the Electoral College, the dogs and I like to listen to other podcasts.

We don't have much choice. It's not like we can watch the news. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Every episode tackles one of history’s great minds, like George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Thurgood Marshall, and Queen Isabella.

You’ll learn things you never knew about these historical figures as they get rated on the Scale of Greatness. And you’ll learn things about the beers and cocktails that go best with your typical despotic overlord.

And if you listen carefully (or not even that carefully) you might notice that the show's host, Mr. DGMH himself, is the voice behind all the sponsorships on our show. 

It's got great history, great drinks, and phenomenal insights into some our most beloved--and not so beloved--great minds in history. 

Click here to start drinking. And learning. 

If you’re fascinated by the office of the American President and the men who held it, this show tells their stories, with both the pre-presidential career of each officeholder and how they left their mark on the office.

There are also episodes on some of the important other characters who played a role in shaping the American presidency.

Host Jerry Landry knows his stuff. And he has, on occasion, brought me on the show for a chance to teach me a few things. 

Click here to get your motorcade rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Ever have a conversation about Bigfoot, UFOs, politics, Martian colonies, or whatever it is that Vladimir Putin is thinking?

Like meeting a fellow traveler at a roadside diner, the conversations on The Open Highway are interesting and thought-provoking, and the host is a guy who knows a little bit about everything, which always gets him into trouble.

There have been a few notable times where host Eric Erickson has REALLY gotten himself into trouble: check out the episodes where he invited me on (without the dogs) to rant about all those things I rant about. 

Click here to start your road trip. 


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The dogs and I are starting a GoFundMe campaign to raise five billion dollars. We have a pretty big purchase in mind.   We’re going to buy the Congress of the United States.   Get your credit cards out and start making your legislative wish lists, as the dogs and I plan to purchase one of America’s three branches of government on this episode of I’m Not Allowed To Watch The News.

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In the early days of the American Republic, Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, argued that a certain amount of national debt was a good thing. There was no way a country that was four days old was going to be able to raise the tax revenue it needed to pay the president or build a navy or anything like that. So it had to borrow. Probably from the Dutch. During the American Revolution, the French sent ships, the Dutch sent money, and Belgium sat the whole thing out, too busy perfecting their chocolate recipe to help establish the world’s first republican-style democracy or support freedom from tyranny. Just you wait, Belgium. You’ll get what’s coming to you. America started borrowing money while the ink was still wet on the Declaration of Independence, but that was to serve the British Empire with its eviction notice from the colonies. Once the Constitution was ratified, we needed cash to fund laws like the one calling for lighthouses to be built along the coast, an

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