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Your support is key to our success.
Here are a few ways you can help us like-minded souls band together for mutual defense. Or Belgian conquest.

There are three levels of sponsorships available:

Dog Treat Purveyor - the dogs made me put this one up. As unpaid "interns" they work for treats. Even though they are not strict constructionists when it comes to the Constitution, they suggested a sinking fund to offset their expenses. $3 per month will keep them in the peanut butter and apple cookies they like, and keep them from subverting the founding documents of the nation. 

Branch of Government Bribery Fund - as long as these are for sale, we should consider buying them. If we had our own bought and paid-for representatives in Congress or our own man or woman in the White House, maybe we could finally start getting America's proverbial car out of the proverbial ditch. $5 a month is a start. 

Contributors at this level will get bonus episodes (mostly me ranting on those times where my wife is out of town or I'm feeling brave and watch the news despite a stern spousal warning) and early access to upcoming episodes of the show. 

And if we raise enough, maybe a pliable Congressman. Everyone else is doing it. Why not us?

Belgium Conquest Expeditionary Force - as it turns out, conquering Belgium isn't going to be as easy as the Germans made it look on their way to France. We're going to need quite a lot of logistical support. 

It's not cheap, but it needs to be done. Chip in $7 a month and get early access to new episodes, bonus content and live Q&A sessions with me. 

Anything you can offer is much appreciated to keep the show going. The dogs and I thank you. 


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The dogs and I are starting a GoFundMe campaign to raise five billion dollars. We have a pretty big purchase in mind.   We’re going to buy the Congress of the United States.   Get your credit cards out and start making your legislative wish lists, as the dogs and I plan to purchase one of America’s three branches of government on this episode of I’m Not Allowed To Watch The News.

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