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An Exclusive Preview

The podcast hasn't officially released yet, but the first episode is available in preview on the Open Highway. If you can't wait for the official launch, click here and get a sneak preview.  The Open Highway

Welcome To The Doghouse!

I’m not allowed to watch the news anymore. You can probably guess at the many many reasons, but the main one is that my wife won’t let me. I’ve always held unpopular opinions about history, government, gardening, pet care, child rearing, fiscal responsibility, and foreign policy. When the news is up there on the screen I tend to rant my questions out loud, howling to an empty sky. It scares the dogs, and I never get a good answer anyway. Congress can't pass a meaningful law. The president can't govern by executive order, even though he'd really like to. The national debt is skyrocketing. Prices are going up. Purchasing power is going down. Getting sick for too long means bankruptcy. Secure retirement is a pipe dream. The representatives that we send to make our laws are owned by somebody, and we’re always trying to figure out who. Every time an election rolls around, we are told by candidates chosen by someone else what the stakes are. Immigration, abortion, guns, climate c